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An extensive and unfakable amount of scientific and medical evidence indicates that a dead crucified body was once wrapped in the Shroud of Turin.

However, this corpse left the most unique full-length images and bloodstains ever seen in history.  In addition, these images contain features within them that had never been known to exist.  Neither the front and back images, their approximately 130 blood marks, nor their many unique features have ever been duplicated in any age.

In fact, these features and the highly-resolved body images were not even visible until 20th and 21st century science was applied to the centuries-old, straw-yellow images (below) that could only be seen with the naked eye. Twentieth century science discovered that ― unlike any other images ― as modern technology is applied to the Shroud, its images make quantum leaps in development.




These images illustrate that greater quality and more information is revealed as modern technology is applied to the Shroud’s image.  When photography is applied to the Shroud image seen (at left) with the naked eye, it reveals the true positive image of the man in the center frame.  When computer imaging technology is applied, it reveals that three-dimensional information is encoded on the two-dimensional cloth.

Modern science indicates that radiation is the only agent that can account for all of these unparalleled image features. The recent book, Test the Shroud asserts that the unfakable scientific and medical evidence contained throughout this cloth actually indicates that radiation emanated from the length, width and depth of this corpse.

This man suffered a series of premortem and postmortem wounds, was crucified and killed, and buried under all the same circumstances of time, place, instruments, executioners and buriers as the historical Jesus Christ.  This unique radiating event not only captured the dead man’s appearance as he laid in his burial cloth; but like the resurrection of Jesus, it occurred following the very same series of events that occurred to both men.  Moreover, this unique event left tens of thousands of unforgeable items of evidence throughout both full-length images, the 130 blood marks and the off-image areas of the cloth.

Extensive scientific evidence further indicates that the radiation was particle radiation consisting of the basic building blocks of matter.  These particles, consisting primarily of protons and neutrons, were given off by a tiny fraction of the body (one millionth of one percent) as it disappeared from the cloth.  This book also explains how particle radiation would make every part of the Shroud appear to carbon date to a much younger era than it actually derives.  This book explains how atomic and molecular testing could prove whether such a miraculous radiating event actually occurred to this corpse.  This book asserts that minimally invasive testing at the atomic and molecular levels could be developed and performed that would explain how the Shroud’s images were formed and why its carbon dating was erroneous.  Atomic and molecular testing, along with other testing, could answer every outstanding question regarding the Shroud.


Mark Antonacci’s New Book has been Published!

This book even lays out a series of sophisticated testing that could be performed on the Shroud linen and blood marks and on limestone fimage04rom Jesus’ reputed burial tombs.  This testing would provide countless more items of information yet to be acquired from this cloth.  This testing could provide millions of items of unfakable evidence that would prove that:

  1. the entire Shroud was irradiated with particle radiation;
  2. the amount of particle radiation each part of it received;
  3. the Shroud’s radiocarbon dating is erroneous;
  4. the Shroud is from the 1st century;
  5. the radiating event happened in the 1st century;
  6. the source of the radiation was the length, width and depth of the dead body wrapped within it;
  7. all of the events that occurred to the man happened in the 1st century;
  8. the events occurred in Jerusalem;
  9. under all of the surrounding circumstances as described in the Gospels; and
  10. this man was the historical Jesus Christ.



Is the Shroud of Turin a medieval fake or sacred relic? by

Mark Antonacci’s interview with KSDK News Channel 5 on September 3, 2015, here in St. Louis.  “He’s the founder and president of the Resurrection of the Shroud Foundation. Watch the video below to hear his thoughts on the controversial relic.”

Video 3 KSDK







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